Please review our house and community rules. These are strictly enforced.


  • This is NOT a hotel. There is no “receptions desk”. The onsite staff are not employed by Palacio Properties, so they have NO reservation information & cannot answer questions. They can NOT assist in your check in at all, please carefully follow the check in instructions & call or message us if you have questions, we are always available. 
  • All of our places are smoke free. No smoking of ANY KIND, inside or out not even on the patio. $500 fine.
  • No additional guests in the unit or invited to “hand out” in the common areas that are not listed in your reservation without prior approval! $500 fine and $50 per guest per night will be charged.
  • NO PARTIES or GATHERINGS of ANY kind in our units or anywhere in the community. Any disturbance or disruptive behavior reported by the staff or onsite 24-hour security will be cause for immediate cancelation of your reservation with NO refund. $500 fine.
  • Quite time is 8pm to 10AM.
  • Please no stomping, running or jumping on the floors, respect any below neighbors.
  • NO GLASS, FOOD or loud disruptive behavior at the pool or any area of the community, this is not Vegas. Please BE RESPECTFUL in the common areas, respect the equipment and follow signs and rules posted throughout. There is a $100 fine if caught with glass by the pool or violating any of the posted rules.
  • Remote fobs, pool/club keys, are $100.00 each if lost or not put back in place.
  • Please DO NOT log out of Hulu Live TV or Amazon Prime. This is a free service we offer all of our guests. Logging out will take that from them, as we do not give out our passwords for this.
  • Rooms are audited at each check out to ensure each guest has everything promised & needed within each condo. Any missing, damaged or broken items will be carefully documented & will be subject to immediate damage reimbursement. We understand accidents happen; please make us aware if they do 🙂
  • We are not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  • We are not responsible for injuries during your stay.

Palacio Properties

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